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Lana Del Rey's new album art is getting brutally ridiculed

Lana Del Rey album art
Spot the official cover (Image credit: Lana Del Rey/Future owns)

Album art and graphic design tend to go hand in hand. Often bold and provocative, nothing quite captures an era like an album cover – and the best examples will never go out of fashion. Unfortunately for Lana Del Rey, the same can't quite be said for her new design.

The artist posted on social media (below) this week that her new album, Blue Banisters, will be released in July. But while her fans are excited at the prospect of new music, most can't get past that hilariously amateurish cover. (If you need a graphic design palette cleanser after looking at Lana's new album cover, check out our best print ads.)

So, where to start? It's seems we're looking at a selfie of Lana Del Rey, with an oversaturated filter. Surrounding the image is an inelegant, hand-drawn frame. And then there's that curly text (could you not have at least tried one of our best free fonts, Lana?), complete with bizarre yellow discolouring around the edges. 

The whole thing looks like it was whipped up in five minutes, and fans are speculating over whether the artist designed it herself, specifically using free online editing tool Picsart. Hilariously, the cover is so derided that a petition has been created to have Lana Del Rey banned from using the software.

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Thankfully, plenty of people have already taken it upon themselves to redesign the cover, and there's no shortage of hugely superior concepts doing the rounds on Twitter. You can view a few of our favourites below.

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Lana Del Rey album art concept

(Image credit: @fkanico on Twitter)
Image 2 of 3

Lana Del Rey album art concept

(Image credit: @Bayyyleaf)
Image 3 of 3

Lana Del Rey album art concept

(Image credit: @bentosimas on Twitter)

Time will tell whether the current terrible artwork turns out to be an elaborate ruse (it's ironic, right? Surely it's ironic) – but if not, we reckon Lana would do well to get in touch with one of the designers above. If you fancy having a crack at your own alternate artwork, check out this awesome Creative Cloud discount, and take a look at more great offers below.

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